Tuesday, April 03, 2007

WWdN Final Table


Hey a final table in a blogger tournament! But one that doesn't count in that big blogger tournament thing Al is running, blah.

More importantly, I knocked out Wil!!!! So I get naming rights for the next tournament. It would be nice if it included a link, but still, it's a first for me and I'm really proud of that achievement.

See you guys there next week!


BrainMc said...

Congrats on the final table and naming rights. Sometimes the right hand happens at the right time. Nice job.

From the observer chat last night, you'd think the title of your blog would be right up their alley. Although I noticed your fans were much nicer that Wil's. What's up with that?

StB said...

Nice job!

Pisco Bandito said...

Congrats! You beat me by one spot. damn you!