Thursday, April 19, 2007


I played some NL25 at PokerStars last night, because I had around an hour to kill and I didn't think an SNG would work for my time frame. Now I know what it feels like to be a luckbox. I misplayed QQ horribly and got all in vs. AA after the flop, but rivered a Q to double up. AA on the next hand felted a short stack. About a dozen hands later I saw AA again, and got two callers to my $3 pre-flop re-pop. Hit a set on the flop and rivered Aces full of Kings but couldn't get any action. I felt better on the next hand when I saw AA again and busted a guy with JJ on an all unders flop. I didn't lose a significant hand the entire hour, winning triple my $25 buy-in.

That sucks about Pauly getting axed at ESPN before he had a chance to write a word. It makes sense though. ESPN fancies themselves the main outlet for tournament poker on television, so they do as much to PROMOTE poker as they do to televise it. They want poker on tv to be "the same game you play at the dinner table with grandma," not the dirty Las Vegas picture that Pauly paints with his brutally honest stories about the poker world. ESPN isn't interested in the truth. They want something they can sell. You know, for kids.

Take a minute to check out a new poker blog called The PokerLetter Life. I dig their 10 Hottest Poker Babes feature of this poker site, although I think Shannon Elizabeth for #8 is a dubious pick. They also include a blog with some poker tips. Check 'em out if you have a minute.

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nothing feels better than a good deck smacking.