Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Every good poker player loves ACDC

Yes, I'm Back in Black. Well, back in the black, anyway.

My raked hand efforts at TGC started out very poorly, even though I got five raked hands in my first five hands. Hand number 5 was a doozie though, when I started out on the button with QQ. QQ is kind of a death hand for me lately. KingLucky calls them "bitches" and they treat him accordingly. I think that attitude has rubbed off on me too. I generally play them like a medium pair, but I didn't want to play the TON of limpers at this PLHE table. I raised the max and to my suprise, the BB re-raised the max. I had only played 4 hands at this table and had no feel for his play, so I called, which put me all in. I was happy when the cards turned over and he held 55 vs my QQ, especially when the turn was a Q. But it was a Q of spades. Meaning I didn't hold the Q of spades in my hand. The three other spades on the board made his 5 of spades the winner, and I was busted.

I felt the need to comment. In chat I typed "Re-raise with 55?" and he said "Any PP"

Now, I normally like it when people tell me how they play in the chat window, because it usually identifies them as a pretty good player, and I can mark them as such. But I LOVE it when someone tells me how they play BADLY in the chat window. It's like opening a can of tuna fish, and everyone smells it immediately.

I sat out the next hand so I could buy back in, and was rewarded for my patience with AQs. Fishy55 raises the max (for the 3rd straight hand) and I smooth call. The flop is Q, Rag, Rag and I go all in. Not only does Fishy55 call me, but three other players do too. Nobody believes anyone anymore. Turn is an offsuit Ace and I am golden. Fishy goes bust on the next hand, obviously tilting, but he seemed to be on permanent tilt anyway.

This put me back over my buy-in, plus another positive session later that night got my total over $140, plus almost halfway to the raked hand requirement.

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