Thursday, August 12, 2004

One Hand Per Player

It's actually a rule, you can't give a player advice in chat. Nobody plays by the rules in online poker.

In a freeroll at, I am in the small blind with Q10o. 11 left in the tourney, I am small stack with 10k in chips, 5 players at the table. The other table has 6 players, all with less than 10k in chips. I would be pushing that table around, but instead I am being pushed around by all the players with more than 20k at my table. Damned luck.

It's folded to me with my Q10o, and I raise, just doubling from T600 to T1200. BB calls, he's pretty comfy with 25k in chips. And, I should mention, a total moron. He had just won his all in when he called with A5 on a KQ3 flop. Turn 4 and River 2 makes his miracle A-5 straight good against Kings and Queens. I can smell the tuna over my ethernet connection.

Flop is 10s8d3c. I got TPTK, so I bet 600. Call. Turn is a rag, 1200 bet, he calls. River another rag, I bet another 1200, he raises to 4000. Warning bells go off, but I go all in with my last 1,500 or so. He is thinking REALLY REALLY hard. Timer is up.

Everyone at the table is saying "Call! Call! You're pot committed! It's only another 1,500!"

This is explicitly against the rules. Of course he should call, even with Ace high, but this guy is just dumb enough to fold. But he takes the advice and calls with his 83, knocking me out in 11th place after 3 hours.

I remind the table of the "one hand, one player" rule, and they start going off like I was a moron or something. Freerolls. Feh. Willing to cheat to win, when they aren't even risking anything. Why does it feel like everyone on the internet is 12 years old?

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