Tuesday, August 10, 2004

TGC comes up EMPTY

As expected, The Gaming Club was a no-show when it came to explaining what happened to me in their rookie tournament. Despite the evidence that I sent them that I, nor anyone else disconnected when the hand just suddenly ended and a break was started, and despite the same complaints coming from both tables at the same time, they chose to blame it on MY INDIVIDUAL internet connection and say "So sorry, take your $100 and shut the fuck up."

So I am through with them. I will take my $270, my free poker table, my $40 in bonus earnings, and carry my business elsewhere.

Why is it so difficult for these people to understand that money lost, even in a freeroll tournament, is still money? Why can't the understand that problems that occur in freeroll tournaments are indicative of the overall quality of the site? Why don't they understand that the poker community is an intelligent and chatty group of people who will communicate problems like this amongst themselves, and they will get a reputation as an unreliable site?

Now for the good news. PokerSourceOnline.com has taken it upon themselves to make things right, even though they will be doing so out of their own pockets. They gave me 5,000 FFP points which amounts to a $50 gift certificate from Amazon or Best Buy. These guys are really incredible. I'm having a difficult time understanding how they stay in business with all the giveaways and refunds they dole out. But I am happy they are, and I hope they are successful as hell. I will do anything I can to help them be successful, because I believe they treat people with the respect they deserve. They even treat people well who don't deserve respect at all. People who are rude and destructive. People that accuse them of dishonesty. They're really incredible. Anyone reading this should join up with them. NOW.

Use DuggleBogey in the referral field and I will split the bonus with you.

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