Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Party Poker Insanity

I played PL$25 Hold 'Em last night, and I had forgotten how INSANE the Party Poker tables are. It seemed like every table I was at had some morons raising the max at every street with a draw. If there were two suited cards on the flop, you could count on at least one idiot raising $30-$40-$50 with no hand, just a 35% draw.

I bought in for $10 and cleared $180 in about 2 hours. You just keep doubling up on these idiots. If the third suited card comes, just shut it down. You know what they have. A lot of the time it was two idiots, BOTH with flush draws. I saw Ace high win a HUGE pot (+$100) because two morons raised until they were all in on the same flush draw. One had AK of spades, the other had J8.

The ultimate moron was a player named Ms_Melissa. She won a $115 hand when I sat down at my first table of the evening, and proceeded to lose $290 in the next hour. She l0st the $115 in the next three hands, holding quality cards like 72o in middle position. She hit two pair on the flop but was behind the whole way when someone had trip 4s and caught the fourth 4 on the river. I bet I saw her play 150 hands that night, and folded 2 of them pre-flop. She tried to bluff at every orphan pot. She won A LOT of them, but they were usually $2-$3. Then she would bluff at the pot and when someone re-raised, she would pay them off, usually to the tune of $50 or so. You gotta steal a lot of $2 pots to make up for $50 payoffs, and she did it by rebuying, rebuying, rebuying.

Here's one example. I held QQ on the button and raised $2 pre-flop. Three of the limpers called me, including the above mentioned genius. Flop was Q23 rainbow. It was checked to me and I was glad there was no flush draw. I knew Ms_Melissa would buff eventually so I checked. The turn was the case Queen and I cursed the fact that there was no flush draw. It checked around to me again and I again checked, not fearing any kind of out-draw. The river was a 6, and FINALLY Ms_Moron bet the pot. A steal? I raised for my entire stack. She quickly called...with JACK SIX. She thought I was bluffing? She had Queens and sixes with a Jack kicker, and she calls an all-in bet. What beats her? A 6 and anything higher than a Jack. A pair of 7s or higher. Any queen. Oh yeah, and my TWO QUEENS.

You have to love idiots like this. I still don't think I'm a very good poker player. I can't beat very good players. Thank goodness for party poker. You don't have to be very good. You can just be barely average and look for the right situations. USE THAT FISH FINDER PEOPLE. If you play at Party, read this and don't add Ms_Melissa, you're crazy.

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