Friday, August 13, 2004

TGC makes a comeback

Apparently the stink I made about The Gaming Club in the forum had some effect, because they came back with a bit more than "We looked into it, and are going to do nothing." They did agree that I did not disconnect at any time, but also said there was no evidence of a software problem. That leaves only two possibilities, that I folded by accident or on purpose. Neither of these happened. Folding on purpose with QQ would be SHEER STUPIDITY. I am willing to play QQ at a loose table for less than my full stack EVERY HAND. Even if I had folded accidentally, it would have had to make it around the table to me in order to fold, and the option never even appeared on my screen. All that came up was "You are on break." I had to look up the history to find out what happened.

On top of this they say there is no evidence in chat that anything strange happened. WHAT? Except for all the people at my table saying "What happened?" and "That was strange," and "It happened at the other table too."

So either they never looked, or they missed something completely obvious. Their choice, either they are liars or they are stupid.

But I did go back on my promise to cash out and never play there again. I'm not going to cash out until I receive delivery confirmation on my table top, which is long overdue. According to them I have 605 raked hands, but they are three days behind in their report to PSO. They are claiming to have database problems. This doesn't fill me with confidence as a player there that they can't handle the hand traking system. Can they handle the money tracking system? Am I going to log in there tomorrow and see all my money gone, just like a lot of people logged in and saw their promotion points gone?

I did play there again. A $2+.25 freezeout tourney. I like the freezeouts because the rebuy-addin tourneys are so crazy. I had a lot of jobs to run on the computer that required attention every half hour, so I wanted something that would consume a lot of time.

And boy did it! It took 3 hours and 20 minutes but I managed to come in 3rd. I bouced around a lot late, and even had the chip lead when my 77 was cracked by 66 which spiked SATAN on the flop. 666 took me down to 50k in chips against two 200k stacks.

Still $60 payoff for a $2.25 buy-in is a great ROI, especially since I got half the work done I needed to. TGC account up to $330 from the initial buy in of $100, plus a theoretical poker table top.

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