Thursday, August 05, 2004

Poker Blogs

One of the hardest things about poker blogging is that there are so many poker blogs out there to read, you can find yourself reading them INSTEAD of posting in your own. I have been reading them for about 45 minutes, and I almost got some poker stories. I DO know whether some childish poker blogger would marry Pamela Anderson if he had the chance (what kind of fantasy world are some of these morons living in?) Sometimes they are boring, sometimes interesting, and occasionally they inspire me to post in my own. I finally got to the one that inspired me, but all it really said was "A lot of poker blogs are dying." Oh well.

Things are going swimmingly at TGC. Another 50 or so raked hands last night and more than $50 in profit give me confidence that this "free" poker table might actually be "free." The "rookie" tournament is tonight at 5:00pm, so that could determine if I actually come out on the plus side of this arrangement. So far I lost a little money on the Aztec Riches Chipset deal, which I gave away, Made a little money on the Party Poker Chipset, which I kept, and won $100 in the freeroll tournament I got into by participating. So overall I am way ahead. The rookie tourney starts paying at 50 places ($20) and there were 147 people entered last time I checked. Unless the cards slap me around early, I figure $20 is almost a sure thing.

One disturbing hand from last night, in the early going. I had J9s in late position and managed to limp in. The board flopped T,8,2 rainbow and the player in front of me tossed in $1. $1 for an outside straight draw is automatic, so I call. The turn brings my queen, and I'm holding a nut straight. He bets $2 and I go all in, raising him to $8. He calls with his predictable two pair, Queens and 8s. As I'm saying "no queens, no tens, no twos," an eight hits the board and his boat flips over and the "Do you want to visit the Cashier" window pops up on my screen.

Shit. "At least it counts as a raked hand," I tell myself. Always a silver fucking lining.

The suckouts eased up however, and I won quite a few hands with questionable cards. Bottom pair holds up, nut flushes caught runner runner were the norm for me. I like the low pressure tables that will let you draw to your nut hand cheap or even free, although it makes it harder to bring in the raked hands.

I played from 4:00-6:30 and 8:00-10:30. 50 raked hands in 5 hours is like blitzkrieg pace for me, especially showing a profit too. When I crossed 300 TGC sent me a nice email notifying me of $20 added to my account, bringing me over $200. The rookie tourney will slow me down tonight, but at this rate I could have the job done by the end of next week.

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