Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Free Money

If you don't have a Titan account already and you don't click on my "Free Money for New Titan Poker Players" Banner, then Al-Quaeda wins.

Whoo! Channeled Iggy for a moment.

I have been really bad at the poker recently. Just playing poorly. "Knowing the guy has aces, but calling with the queens anyway" badly. You know when you're in bad shape when think to yourself as you press the call button "I hope he has AK."

My ego is still getting in the way of success. I still think I can outplay these people. I think I can make BAD moves and get away with it as long as my competition plays worse. I am constantly underestimating my opponents.

There's a big difference between tournaments and ring games. The players are just plain AWFUL in tournaments. At almost every level. Multi-table and SNG tournaments.

There are a certain percentage in every tournament that are there to try to "get lucky." Nevermind that they have to "get lucky" dozens and dozens of times to win, they are going to risk it. They are going to throw that Ten-Four out there and see if it can beat four other players. Those guys might show up in the ring games once in a while. But not for long. You can buy into a lot of low buy-in tournaments and play like a donkey, but that money goes away fast in the ring games.

In one SNG that KingLucky played there were FOUR players all in on the FIRST hand. Two with AA, one with 77 and another with 55. The flop had a 7 and the Aces were drawing dead. King Lucky won the SNG of course, since one player had half the money for the table and he was a complete donk. Since all the other players were too dumb to stay out of the donkey's way, he let most of them get knocked out, then beat the dumb-ass heads up. At least it was entertaining to watch. Some of them are so bad at heads-up play it's pathetic. I guess it's because they've never been there before.

The ring game strategy is much different from the tournament strategy. Figure out who the bad players are and take their money. Figure out who the good players are and stay away from them. If the bad players catch their cards, you're screwed. If not, you're rich. When the live players are broke, time to find a new table. Thank god for poker tracker.


dum_a_chum said...

Hey Duggle... long time, no talk. This is formerly “darice” from “Poker Medicine.” Just wanted to let you know that I’m back blogging again, but I am now dum_a_chum over at If you could check it out and link me up when you get time, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

Elvis Henry said...

Poker Tracker doesn't work on's SNG's, so one has to rely on cruder technologies to track the donkeys. I'd still like to know why people are so enamored with Poker Stars, given the 9-seat tables and the accompanying lower pay outs.

DuggleBogey said...

Full Tilt Poker does the nine-person table thing too, which I agree is annoying. Maybe people think they are cool because they have a 10% better chance of finishing in the money, but I just see it as one less donkey I get to take money from.

Nick Christy said...

The only problem with Titan pokers promotion is that you can not withdraw any money until you reach the 6k star level. I got my $50 yesterday, increased my bankroll to about $600, tried to withrdaw $500 and they said no because I only had 800 stars. So I got nothing... then this morning while trying to earn more stars I loose it all when my two pair lost to an overpair that hit runner runner flush... not very happy with titan right now :(

actyper said...

Time to use your EGO for some good use. We got our PokerRoom team tourneys starting tomorrow night! :)

Elvis Henry said...

I went to the link directly without using your affiliate code and I verified that they are only offering this to 15 PEOPLE PER DAY, period! That's it.

ATTENTION: Due to the overwhelming demand for Instant Bankroll's Free$75, we have put a limit of 15 accounts per day. Instant Bankroll reserves the right to change this limit at anytime along with any requirements associated with this offer.

15 Accounts have signed up today. Today's limit has been hit, the counter resets each day at midnight Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Oblivion Mods Fan said...
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