Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thank yous

I want to thank all of those who recommended XM Radio to me when I got fed up with local radio. It was TONS easier than I anticipated. I got a Gift Card from Poker Source Online and obtained a "Roady 2" for $50 and activated it online. Now I can listen to ESPN Radio or FOX Sports Radio on my way to and from work. If sports is boring I can listen to the "American Right" channel and laugh at the current propaganda being spread by the government and their quasi brain-dead lackeys. Or the infantile whining on "Air America Radio." It's all good stuff. Funnier than the comedy channel, which isn't bad.

I want to thank TripJax for his offer to help with my HTML emergency. Like I told him, I don't know HTML from TGIF, so any changes you see on this here blog are trial and error. And error. And more errors.

I really want to thank all the fishies in the $1000 added multi-table tournaments on for playing so horribly. Except for the guy who went all in with TJ, whom I called with AJ from the BB, and he rivered the ten. We were already in the money, but I was final table bound until that donkey crippled my stack. I decided to count the people in the tournament who got knocked out with KQ, and the final tally came up at SEVEN. I don't think there's another hand that the fishies love so much that gets destroyed more often.

I went down in glorious flames when I got a swedish hammer on my BB. The flop had two hearts, and my hammer was hearts....The small blind took all his time and called my all-in. He had connected with a four on the flop (!) giving me twelve outs on two draws (coin toss anyone?), none of which came. If I had to lose, that was how I wanted to go!


TripJax said...

I'm here if ya need me. Was talking to GCox25 the other night and mentioned it and he said he wasn't sure he could afford to outsource his IT guy to anyone else. LOL.

How about that stuff. Crazy huh?!

DuggleBogey said...

I can buy off GCox with a sixer if I need to.

The stuff has some pages blocked, but still seems like 99% of everything is there...