Tuesday, November 22, 2005

That didn't take long...

I thought I would have to wait until next week to get some serious job searching done since I am working on second shift and half the company takes Thanksgiving week off.

But, I already have a job offer to transfer within the company. There are no details and there won't be until after the holiday, but things look very good. It looks like I will basically be getting what I wanted three months ago, without stepping on all the toes I would have had to in order to get it done then.

Thanks to everyone who sent kind emails or left nice comments. I really appreciate it. This community is amazing...I actually got offers of help from other bloggers who have a lot more in common with me than I knew.

I was really trying not to be too down on myself as my prospects were very good compared to a lot of my coworkers. I don't actually work for GM, I work for a contractor within the building. And my skill set is very sought after within my company. I also have moved around quite a bit within the company. The contacts I have made at different locations are very valuable.

There are still over 2000 people here that aren't as lucky as I am, so I have to keep my good news to myself for a little while. But I'm glad I could share it with all of you.



dlk9s said...

Don't take the offer. Move to Atlanta.

Problem for you would be the lack of casinos here.

DuggleBogey said...

Tunica is too far to drive very often.

There is a plant in Atlanta....but they're closing it too.

Bad time to be in the American car business.

GaryC said...

Congrat Doug, I hope it works out the way you want it. Now, you might have to travel for Okie-Vegas as I know my boys were looking forward to meeting Mr. GoBeRude.

Have a good Thanksgiving.


Kipper said...

Good to hear! Now back to poker!


Drizztdj said...

Glad you found a job man. I hope your transition is smooth enough.

leathej1 said...

More misery/company