Friday, November 11, 2005

Pick 3 Starts Today!

The newly legalized Oklahoma Lottery starts today. Like all lotteries, it SUCKS.

One of the reasons people are prejudiced against gambling is things like this. BAD gambling.

It's a pick 3, so the numbers go from 000 to 999, a thousand-to-one shot. And the payoff for a $1 wager? $500. Yes, that's 100% vig!

And it gets worse! You can do a 3-way box, which is a 1 in 333, but it only pays $160. and the 6-way box only pays $80. Nothing like taking more in vig than you actually pay out.

You can also pick the first two numbers or the last two numbers, for a 1 in 100 shot that pays $50. Horrible odds. Lay that hand down.

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