Monday, November 21, 2005

Will Play Poker For Food

As a commenter noted in the previous post, I might not have a job to come back to.

While that's a pretty extreme description, it was fairly right on the money. General Motors announced this morning that they are closing the automobile plant in which I work.

The announcement isn't a total shock, but hopes were that they would bring in a new product line instead of just closing the doors. But it didn't work out that way, so a lot of people are looking for jobs pretty hard all of a sudden.

It's pretty doubtful that I will be able to stay in the Oklahoma City area, since my expertise is in Factory Automation Software and all of my experience for the last 6 years is in the Automotive field. Unless someone decides to build another auto plant in Oklahoma, I'll probably be moving. I have a lot of connections in different areas, so I will be making contact with them shortly to see if there are any opportunities available.

I don't see full time poker in my future, that's for sure. Hopefully I can find something soon, or that some of the plans I have been working on for the last few months come through. Wish me luck, not just at the poker tables.


ScurvyDog said...

Good luck, matey. Might not be the worst thing in the long run, as far as getting off the sinking GM ship.

Maudie said...

didn't realize you were at GM - my office will be one of several, i'm sure, which will be assisting the dislocated workers from this closing. sorry that yours is one of the jobs to go. this is terrible for our area, for sure.


TripJax said...

man i'm sorry to hear that, but i hope it is for the best in the long run.

fulltime with PSO?!

good luck with whatever you decide duggle.

actyper said...

Good luck man, perhaps it will evolve into a better opportunity.

Cutting 3600 jobs here in Ontario, but luckily for those here Toyota and Honda and evergrowing.

In the auto industry myself and have felt the slowdown the past couple years. Not very fun.

ToddCommish said...

Wow, maybe we can wallow in poverty and misery together. I got "downsized" yesterday from my Training job. Apparently, this company thinks they don't "need" a training function, preferring to outsource everything.

Good luck. We should have a prop bet to see who gets a job sooner.

Ignatious said...

damn - good luck duggley.

GaryC said...

Meant to comment sooner, Duggle, as I knew you would be affected by the closure. I'm sure sorry to hear it and good luck on the job hunt.


SirFWALGMan said...

Good luck man.. Actually I read the next post already, so GREAT FOR YOU! Also, it takes alot of balls to post something so personal on a Blog called "Go Be Rude".. kudos to you.

Mike said...

Move to Toronto, Jobs everywhere! Big money lots of factories.