Wednesday, November 08, 2006

CJ misses another game by 48 points

Wow, CJ sucks at predictions.

Finally, this prediction: If Democrats win, they're supposed to, if Republicans win, the machines are broken. Count on it. Harold Ford will lose in Tennessee and he'll blame the machines. That's one bet I'll take to the bank!
He predicted that if Harold Ford loses, he'll blame the machines. I watched Harold Ford's concession speech and the machines weren't mentioned once. No mention of voter irregularity from anyone in his campaign. Not a peep.

HOWEVER! I did turn on Fox and Friends this morning and they were practically SCREAMING about the machines in Virginia. Where a Republican lost and a Democrat won.

So it seems like if the Republicans had won, they were supposed to (especially because the candidate had double digit leads in the polls a few months ago) but since a Democrat won, it was the machines!

Irony is so delicious.

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