Monday, November 27, 2006

Dream a Little Dream of...

nightmareDid you ever have that nightmare where you went to school to take a test, and you hadn't studied a bit for it? That was my entire day of work today, without the being in your underwear part.

I was chatting away with someone on the phone this morning and the computer room air conditioner suddenly shut off, making the room eerily quiet. At first I thought a coworker who was near the AC just hit the switch so that he could hear himself think, but I looked that direction and he wasn't near the switch at all. My next thought was "Oh SHIT." Someone accidentally cut power to the computer room.

I am totally unfamiliar with the environment I've been dropped into, and I have very little motivation to dive deeply into it as it all disappears at the end of March and gets replaced with a system I am intimate with. So now when there are problems and people from all directions are asking questions like "Why is this broken and when will it be fixed because it's costing us a million dollars a minute and why are you just sitting there?!?" my only answer is "I'm trying to figure it out." That's not what they want to hear. They want to hear "The problem is X and it will be fixed when Y gets off his ass and does his job like he's supposed to." Only right now, I'm X and Y.

From that time until now, almost nine hours later, I have been consumed by this problem, with barely enough time to empty my bladder. Now I sit and ponder whether I should leave. I feel like I could leave and that all the problems are solved, but I felt that way a couple of hours ago and I was DEAD WRONG as all hell started breaking loose again. I told myself I would stay at least another 15 minutes to make sure something else doesn't go haywire, but that was 30 minutes ago.

Limbo is apparently not just dancing under a low horizontal stick while inebriated.

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I can get you Debbie Stern's home number...