Monday, November 27, 2006


Traffic was horrendous yesterday, especially through Atlanta and Chattanooga. When you watched the news yesterday and they told you about all the silly people on the roads yesterday, I was those silly people. A trip that should have taken less than 10 hours took more like 12 with detours and stop-and-go events.

Thusly I missed the HORSE blogger event last night, although if I had been home in time I don't know if I would have been in shape to play it. Tired, grumpy and staring at a ton of work to do around the house.

I did pick up some nice toys, although I wasn't brave enough to venture out to a shopping district on "Black Friday." Saturday had virtually the same sales opportunities with only "Murky Grey" type crowds. Anything I couldn't live without I got online while still in my pajamas. The poker bankroll sustained a hit as I got a great deal on a 20" LCD monitor to add to the array.

I hope everyone's Thanksgiving went well and they bulked up for the Christmas Shopping Season that is now upon us in full force.

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dlk9s said...

Forget Black Friday. Black Saturday was great. No crowds and I still picked up 19" LCD monitor for $119 after rebate.

Plus, some stores had their Black Friday sales up and running online on Thursday, so I placed an order beforehand, too.