Thursday, November 09, 2006

Helpful hint of the day

Don't show your ass when you get knocked out of a blogger tournament.

If you are going to criticize someone's play that knocked you out, you better be DAMN sure it was a horrible play. Not just questionable. You better have seen a history of poor plays from that player if you are going to call them a donkey.

The consequences? You are likely to see your name in a few blogs the next day.

I don't know who "Lucko21" is. I've seen him in a few blogger tournaments but I don't have any conclusions about his quality as a player.

I'm probably not remembering the situation exactly right, but he was a very short stack (under a thousand?) and went all in from middle position with A9s and I called from the big blind with 22. I was second in chips, around 5 or 6 thousand. He failed to improve, and he busted out.

Then he proceeded to give me shit for calling his all-in with only 22. I already had money in the pot and correctly read that I was a coin-toss to take a player out.

I gave him an opportunity to shut the fuck up and save face by saying something to the effect of, "I saw an opportunity to take out a good player with a coin toss." Maybe he mistook it as sarcasm. That says more about his opinion of himself if he did.

But he still couldn't keep his ass closed long enough to leave the table without giving me some more shit.

Maybe he was upset because of Waffles' comment "gg sucko" after he lost. Nice job Waffles, tilt players after they're gone. If so he shouldn't have tried to take it out on me. Especially when there was a genuine donkey at the table who was happily spewing from a big stack of chips.

Edit: I see he has a blog, and he calls himself "Sucko" in there, so Waffles was probably just being gracious. My mistake.


SirFWALGMan said...

lol. Yeah he calls himself Sucko and I doubt he was angry that I typed that.. he is a pretty even keeled guy..

You did not have to make that call but it was not a bad one. He was very short stacked and you had a ton of chips and were on a good rush. I am not sure he really thought your call sucked either but I could be wrong.

Good game anyways.. you have been killing the Blogger events I have seen you in lately. Keep it up.

Wolverine Fan said...

Don't know if this will come across correctly but here is his blog, I believe.

Lots of hand historys. Seems like high stakes player.

How are the winters in Tennessee going to compare with Oklahoma??
Just curious.

lucko said...

Just found this and I do apologize if I offended you. I honestly don't remember saying anything offensive though. I had gotten trapped a couple hands earlier and lost 80% of my stack, so I was frustrated.

Then someone knocking me out like that just made it worse. I did think the call was pretty bad and my frustration might have gotten the better of me. Again I apologize. GL in future blogger evetns.