Tuesday, January 11, 2005


The weekend was the weekend. I got assaulted by the deck early, doubling my buy-in in less than 10 minutes.

Only one notable hand, however. I'm dealt KK and raise pre-flop. Five come along and the flop has two 7s. Turn is a third 7 when my phone rings. I take my phone off my belt and mute the ringing. The dealer declares my hand dead for accepting a phone call in the middle of a hand. The winner had a full house, sevens full of jacks.

Let this be a lesson to you. If your phone rings in the middle of a hand, and it is a really loud and annoying ring, DON'T try and be nice to your fellow players and shut the phone up. Just laugh at them and say "I'll make it stop if you all FOLD!!!"

I figure the dealer could have shown leniency since I obviously didn't do anything wrong and nobody at the table cared. But he didn't. Second time a dealer at Ameristar gave me a reason NOT to toke. I may never toke there again. Maybe my goal is to be the least popular player among Ameristar's incompetent dealers. I'm considering a never toke again policy. What exactly would be the downside? The dealer might not give you a break when you need it, but apparently I'M NOT GETTING THAT ALREADY. So maybe I'm not toking enough. And if not toking enough is the same as not toking at all, then I'll just eliminate it altogether.

So next trip to Kansas City, I will not toke at the poker table. (I will continue to toke at Craps, those guys really work hard. Besides, all my tokes there are two-ways.) I'll let you know if there are any ramifications.

On a more local note, I will be heading to an Oklahoma Indian Casino tomorrow night to try out their poker room. I will give a report, but please don't expect much, they are just beginning.

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