Sunday, January 23, 2005

O8 is great!

I've still been playing Omaha Hi/Lo pretty much exclusively at PokerNow. I find it fairly addictive.

I dropped in on SirFWALGman (link at right) at his usual $5/$10 short handed table and chatted with him. He noticed the name change right away (I am GoBeRude on PokerNow, DuggleBogey on Intertops and OklahomaDug on Party) and said hello and we talked about O8. He said he hated the ring games, but loved the tourneys. I told him I've never even played a tourney. He said I should, the players really do suck. So I tried one out. He couldn't have been more right.

I ended up taking first, going head to head 7k vs ~1K. The guy folded (it may have been a good fold, I had a pretty nutty hand) with T172 left. The next 4 hands were click-free, because he was all in on every blind. After 3 splits, I finally won a whole.

Nice Payoff for an O8 beginner like me.

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