Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Producers

Has anyone seen "The Producers?" I haven't seen the stage play with Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick, but I have seen the Mel Brooks film with Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder.

If you haven't here's the plot in a nutshell. The producers of broadway plays come up with a scheme to make money. They oversell a percentage of their play. They get investors to buy more than 100% of the production. After the production costs, they get to keep the money the additional investors have contributed. It's a foolproof plan, but ONLY IF the play doesn't make money. If they actually have to PAYOUT profits, then they are screwed, because they will have to payout more than they made. So the producers come up with a surefire bomb of a play called "Springtime for Hitler." Of course it is a HUGE success as a comedy and the producers are screwed.

This is the major argument against someone selling a piece of their poker tournament on the internet. There's no real way to tell if they are selling more than 100% of themselves, thereby FORCING them to dump the tournament in order to NOT LOSE money on the deal. Along with guaranteeing them a profit. There is no way to enforce a 100% limit on what a person sells of themselves, so the only thing a person has is his personal credibility.

Enter DUTCH BOYD. His credibility is already shot. Who is buying these percentages?

All that being said, I have nothing but confidence in Al Can't Hang.


AlCantHang said...

lol. You're the man.

Donkeypuncher said...

They're doing a remake of the Producers movie with Will Ferrell as the Nazi. Should be great!

That's a great analogy you gave. I wish I had thought of it.