Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Happy New Year

It's hard to get back into the swing of things after being gone for so long. Pretty much the entire month of December was either a trip or getting ready for one. The cruise, Kansas City and Jacksonivlle. We even stopped in Shreveport LA on the way back from Jacksonville but I only went into one "Casino" if you can even call it that. A tiny room with about 25 video poker machines is not a casino. It's not even an arcade. It's a shithole. I wish I had time to go to one of the real casions there, even just to shoot craps. No way would there have been time for poker.

It's hard to get into the swing of blogging, of working, even of playing poker. I tried to play some last night as I was ripping some DVDs, but it was a frustrating experience. There was a complete ASSHOLE at the table who called everyone else "buddy" and at every hand he said "raise" or "re-raise" or "fold" or "Call". Nevermind that it's CHEATING, it's really fucking ANNOYING. I should have left there, but I was desperate to bust him. I did, but it wasn't very satisfying because he was pretty short by the time I got a shot at him.

I kind of have this attitude at the table, that if someone is acting stupid then they ARE stupid and I should be able to take advanage of that. I don't know if it is just looking at easy prey or if I am trying to enable some kind of karmic justice on these fucktards. But I feel compelled to bust them, when I would be much better off reporting them as cheaters and moving on to another table.

It really didn't matter because a minute after he left I had to quit and get dinner ready so it would be in time for the Orange Bowl. And what a National Championship game it was.

I usually empathize with whatever local team of the area I inhabit, but I just can't make myself like the Oklahoma Sooners. Their fans are the height of arrogance, when they have NO RIGHT to be. They play NOBODY all year, their conference is absolute SHIT. The one ranked team they actually face is Texas and they get lucky to win 6 to zero and suddenly they are the greatest college football team ever. I could almost understand it last year when they again only played shitty teams but they beat them by 70 points or so. So I was glad to see them not only lose last night, but get totally EMBARASSED. It was joyous for me to listen to the radio on the way into work, hearing the lame-ass local sports guys say "We're not trying to make excuses, we are just looking for the rationale." Rationale? Your team never played anyone worth a shit, so you never found out that they actually SUCKED. How much more rationale do you need? Shedule a decent non-con opponent once in your life, and maybe you will know they quality of your team before a championship game, for once.

And now it looks like my travleing days aren't over yet. I'm heading back to Kansas City this weekend. My new Texas Hold Em table top is scheduled to be delivered by FedEx on Thursday, so it would be really cool if I could bring that for the home game at King Lucky's house. I ordered that and a bunch of poker chips from Poker Source Online using my PSO points. The chips are being shipped UPS so I don't expect them to make it by this weekend, but I have more confidence in FedEx.

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