Wednesday, January 26, 2005

King Skillful

I didn't play any poker yesterday, but I did sweat KingLucky in a MTT at Pacific. He finished 23rd and in the money out of more than 800 people. All while playing in a stud tournament at Poker Stars.

Which was a poor performance compared to earlier in the day when he took first in a 300 player MTT. Pretty nice accomplishment, especially since he had the final table dominated and went heads up with 290,000 chips to 10,000. I'd say there was not much of a possiblity of a chop.

KL plays in a lot of MTTs and hasn't been doing very well lately, until yesterday. While I've never seen anyone as unlucky as KingLucky (ironic, isn't it?) he's a very solid player and basically has to get unlucky to get knocked out of these tourneys. He has more outdraw/bad beat stories than I have ever heard. Insane stories that always involve Queens for some reason. That's why when I was on the cruise, the souvenir I brought for him was a card protector that had two queens on it. He called me a "son of a bitch" when I gave it to him.

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