Thursday, January 27, 2005


Al had better buy a piece of himself, just in case he wins. At this rate he will get nothing if he wins.

Thirty Percent sold so far! Go Al Go!

Bubbled out of an MTT last night with 870 of my close friends when I had my all in with JJ called by 97. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTED! He caught a straight on the river, and I finished just out of the money. I guess I should have folded my shortstack into the money even though that would give me no chance of winning.

After that I played nothing but Omaha Hi/Lo with KingLucky at Pacific Poker. The biggest problem with Pacific is they cannot keep tables from disintegrating. If you have a couple of people sit out at one time, or two people bust out on one hand, the rest of the table starts breaking up and you suddenly find yourself paying a blind two out of every three hands. We moved from table to table trying to sustain a game. The Omaha crowd there is INCREDIBLY stupid. I saw one table had 94% rate of players seeing the flop. AT A FULL TABLE. SERIOUSLY. It's like playing scratchers for these people.

I got down early, but caught an incredible rush that included quad aces made at the river, flopped quad eights and a straight flush on the river. The SF was the best because I had a zillion draws (I know, welcome to Omaha) and got the perfect card. Well, one of two because I was open ended. I need to bet my draws better at Omaha. It was the no low makingest omaha table I ever sat at. I had A234 and A2A3 double suited (or like hands) so often, and no low would be possible EVERY TIME. I won a lot of highs, but don't recall barely ever winning a low. Incredible.

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