Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Wow, I've really let the Poker Comic go for a long time without an update. Shame on me.

I really had fun playing a $250 Intertops Freeroll last night. I was playing Omaha at Pacific Poker when suddenly a table popped up from the Intertops software I had left running. It was a $100 No Limit Freeroll that had been going on for an hour and twenty minutes. I had $180 left and the blinds were $150. I went all in with my Q4s and lost. I have no idea why it suddenly came up.

Then I thought about it and realized I had registered for two freerolls. The second one started an hour later, so I had only lost about $100 in blinds. But it was already past 8:45pm and I get up for work at 5am. The freeroll wouldn't be done until well after Midnight. No way was I staying up to play it. But these Intertops freerolls are so easy you can just win a couple of pots and click "post-and-fold" to make it into the money.

I logged on, won 3 of the next 4 hands (limit tourney) and was up above T1500. "Not Bad," I thought. That might make the money. I played around a little longer and quit the Omaha game I was playing at Pacific.

Then this malignant little bastard joined the table when another player busted out. He raised the first hand. I had kings so I re-raised. He folded. "Odd," I though. Then he raised again. And again. And again.

"One of these," I thought to myself. "This could be fun."

And it WAS!. The most masterful performance I have ever had. I had this guy shitting his pants. I schooled this guy in unbelievable ways. If he EVER called me down I always had a monster. EVERY time he folded I showed him a bluff. Even the hammer played. He called my 7-2 all the way to the river before he folded, and I showed my 7-high. Then he raised me all the way to the river after I flopped a set of kings with no straight and no flush possible.

Unfortunately for the rest of the table, whenever they called him down he had a monster. But he could never catch on me. So he was taking their chips, and I was taking them from him.

After about 30 minutes, he was around 1000 chips, less than half what he came to the table with, and I was over T11,000.

Then I went to bed. In the morning I checked the tournament. He busted out soon after that, and didn't make the money. I finished in 21st place, clearing $1.75. I love being the Poker Police.

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