Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Well, I recovered my $3, but just barely. It could have been better.

I bought into a PLHE $25 table at PokerNow and qickly ran that up to $65. After about a hundred hands where my best start was 99 that I had to fold to a pre-flop all-in raise, I got JJ. A player in front of me raised from $.50 to $1.50. There was a limper in front of him, so he could have raised to $2.75. This is curious, so I re-raise to $5. He re-raised to $12.75. A player after him called (!) and I called, knowing I was probably behind. Twice in the last few hands players had re-raised the max with hands like K7 and AJ, but I didn't put this player on anything that bad. He had aces or kings, at the very least. The flop was the worst possible for me. KsJc7c. The original raiser was the first to act and of course went all in for his last $15. Caught-in-the-middle guy folds I have a set of Jacks. I figure there are only three hands he could have to make that move. If he has AA or AK, I'm golden. If he has KK, I'm cooked. I figure I have a 2 out of three chance, and it's $15 to get into an $80 pot.

Well, he had the KK. What's the final rub? He won it with a King High Flush. I wonder if the middle guy had the Ace of clubs?

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