Saturday, February 12, 2005

Successful Evening

I played in four tournaments last night although one of them wasn't for money. In the three that were for money, I cashed in all three of them.

The first was an Intertops Freeroll, in which I finished 3rd out of 365. It took over 4 hours and overlapped with the first hour or so of the second, which was the PSO Poker League. I finished First out of 40. I was really glad to do well in it since I have had very disappointing finishes in these things since I came in second in the first one ever. While that was going on I played in another Intertops Freeroll, in which I finished 13th.

The fourth was the "championship" round of Canada vs the USA in the PSO league. I'm not sure what the prize is, but the more of your countrymen that finish higher get more points, and the eventual winner gets something, but I'm not sure what. They also get PSO points, which are as good as cash. I got 1000 PSO points for finishing first in the main tourney, plus the bulk of the prize pool, which was $80 for a $5+1 buy-in.

I was very uncomfortable playing in three tournaments at the same time, although I don't think it hurt my game much. It may have even helped, since I didn't try to make too many plays, because I wasn't trying to figure out who was trying to steal the most and bust them for it. I don't know where this inclination to be table cop comes from, it's probably a part of my personality I can't help. But when I concentrate on avoiding it or distract myself from doing it somehow, I inevitably do better in the tournaments.

Since I'm doing well in NL tourneys lately, I'm thinking about playing in the WSOP satellite tournament being held tonight. It's $110 to enter, but since there's only 40 people entered, that's a HUGE overlay of $7000. First prize is an entry in the WSOP main event and $1000 for the trip. It's open to anyone that has done a PSO promotion and will pay $110. Most of these people got in for free by completing a promotion, so the competition is INCREDIBLY weak.

They will be having one of these WSOP tourneys every month, but I'm not sure people will be allowed to buy-in again. In my opinion, it is the most likely way a good player can get into the WSOP a cheaply as possible. At least twice as likely as playing in a $1000 SNG in Vegas before the tourney, for a tenth of the cost.

If anyone reading this has done a PSO promo at any time in the past, you might still be able to get into this, although I don't want your competition if I play.

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