Monday, February 28, 2005


I have been really lazy uninspired about blogging lately. Maybe "lazy" is a better word, now that I think about it. There has been plenty of poker, plenty of thinking about poker.

I played a home game tourney Friday night, bubbling out of game one and winning game two. I played not one, but three $10,000 freeroll tournaments this weekend, plus the PSO poker league.

I even read about how SirFWALGman hates Pot Limit and ran away as quickly as he possibly could when he accidentally joined a PL ring game. I play PL almost exclusively and am really interested in talking about why PL is a superior game to NL for me.

But I am simply not in the mood. Maybe if SirF posts about why he hates it so after I asked him about it in the comments I will be more inspired.

I won a total of $12 in three $10K freerolls. Blah. I also finished 51st in yet another freeroll that started paying at 50. And I did it out of spite. Saturday's freeroll exit was even better. I went out with the hammer. Booyah!

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Human Head said...

I would enjoy hearing your thoughts on PL. I would rather play PL rather than NL anyday, it's a far superior game IMHO.