Monday, February 07, 2005


I am afraid of variance. I know it has to get me sometime. I'm still working on my clearing my bonus amount at PokerNow so I can start receiving my rake rebate. All I played to clear the actual bonus was O8b, and the rake there was rarely more than $.50. So in 500 raked hands my share was probably pretty close to $25. Since I have to clear the entire $50 in rake I still had some work to do. So I have been playing $25PLHE and have not had a losing session yet in February.

You read that correctly. I have played multiple sessions every day for 6 straight days and not lost money. In fact I had a $250 weekend. I had to re-check that cashier last night to comprehend it. Especially since it was another tournament heavy weekend with PSO. They had a WSOP super-satellite on Friday and a Poker League kick-off on Saturday.

Things started very nicely on Friday afternoon as I was getting ready for the satellite. I tried to buy into a tournament at Pacific Poker, but it crashed before it even started for me. There was some overlay and some people actually played some hands and got knocked out, so I got my buy-in back doubled. Sweet for doing nothing. I brought up a $25PLHE table at PokerNow and won about $80 in an hour. I busted out of the sub-sat about halfway through the field when some dipshit (read: he eventually won a seat) crippled me. I had raised half his stack on a raggedy flop with a pair of sevens and he called cold with ace-crap and caught a bullet. I got knocked out when I caught a set of nines and lost to an open ended straight draw that hit. Back to the PLHE tables at PokerNow and I won another $35.

Saturday started poorly and I was down three buy-ins almost immediately. I consoled myself by thinking about variance and the fact that it is nearly impossible to have as many winning sessions in a row as I have had. But two huge hands in a row got me ahead by about $13. Not earth shattering, but hey, I made a big comeback.

Another fast bustout in the PSO Poker League, Canada vs USA. I went out on set over set. I had a set of threes and my opponent had nines. Back to PN and PLHE. The fishiest table I have EVER seen. One moron who claims to have won $3000 in the last three weeks playing $200 NL on Party. If he was up $3000 in that game, why was he slumming on a $25PL table? And why was he playing SO BADLY? He and another player who had over $100 called every pre-flop raise no matter what they held. They caught a few times, but I knocked the shit out of them every time I played them. Their VP$IP were 80 and 74!! I would think the table would fill with sharks just based on the average pot sizes displayed in Party's lobby, but I pretty much had these fishies to myself. I finished up around $90 after going down $50 to begin with.

My pre-super bowl game was short but sweet. I played 16 hands total and won $40. I was just catching everything. I quit when the table broke up and rather that finding another laggy game to play, I dediced to play in an Intertops Freeroll. I made the money but nothing special, busting out in 13th out of 390 when my A3 desperation all-in ran into the big stack in the big blind with A9. The tournament lasted longer than the Super Bowl, and 12 people probably went more than another hour.

I know this winning session streak can't continue like this. I pretty much have a stop loss set at three buy-ins, but I won't leave a good game just because I'm down. Maybe I'm just playing these sessions long enough that I can come back from my downswings, and I only quit when I'm ahead. One of my sessions is only 16 hands, for christ's sake.

And good riddance to the stripper. She stopped posting hand histories a long time ago because they would have exposed her as the fraud she is. She doesn't know enough about poker to know what a good play is. Read her histories early in her blog. Notice how HARD she makes it to go back and read them? Now it looks like she is done blogging. People have told her they don't want to hear about her love life, and she can't post about poker. She's not a stripper anymore and she can't bitch about the minimum wage peons she used to berate at the movie theaters she "managed." So she's left with nothing to talk about. She says she might post once a week or so. Maybe we can expect a weekly bitch about Alton Brown and the Food Network. But the "I'm not going to post much anymore" entry usually means see ya later.

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