Monday, February 21, 2005

Successful Execution

In my last post about the Ameristar Casino in Kansas City, I took a vow to never toke there again.

Mission Accomplished.

Actually, this was much easier than I had anticipated. Since I bought in for one rack and didn't win one hand the entire rack, there wasn't much cause to tip.

Karma, you say? Bullshit.

There was a TRUE scumbag at the table. He won nearly every pot. He sat down with $30-50, and after about 10 hand he left a big pile of chips at the table and carried away two racks of white to color up. When he sat back down, I asked the dealer where all his chips went. The dealer told him he could not remove money from the table. So he took the two black chips and set them on the table. Three hands later, they were gone again. Asshole.

So I am down to my last few chips, and I manage to get most of them in pre-flop, with the usual zillion callers. I flop the nut flush, and get all in. I'm in the two seat, fishy asshole is in seat seven. The river pairs the board, and dipshit says "I'm all in" and pushes all his chips into the side pot. We are playing $3/$6 LIMIT. This dumb fuck pushes his chip stacks, probably 150 chips, INTO THE POT, mixing all his chips with everyone else's.

I don't even have a clue what to do in this situation. It's impossible to tell how much was in the pot and how much was his. I wasn't incredibly concerned because it was the second pot, and I was only in the first. I called the floor anyway, hoping maybe his hand was dead. They'll declare a dead hand on me in a HEARTBEAT, so I was hoping they would do the same to him.

Floor says "show your cards." Player to my left says "I haven't called the bet yet." Floor says "Do you want to call the $6 bet?" He says "I guess not." Floor tells me to show my cards, I show my flush, Dipshit flips over Jack-Six for a full house, and I am busted.

Is there a rule about this? What should have happened? I realize the outcome was probably "fair" but should his hand been declared dead? Felicia? Anyone?

After taking a lap around the casino looking for KingLucky and to cool off, I rebuy another rack and sit back down. The guy now has about $50 in chips in front of him. Fucking asshole ratholed again! A few hands later he goes all in with his last $2. I say "Bullshit, take some of that money out of your pocket." He says "Why?" I said "These are table stakes, you can't take money off the table, and you've done it twice. It's against the rules." He says "Sorry, they didn't give me a rule book." Dealer does NOTHING of course, and the guy loses that hand and leaves.

I won two big pots, one when a player straddled to try and change his luck and it got capped at $15, and I called with my 55. Presto made a set on the turn and I dragged a $100 pot. No toke, I bet the dealer was kind of steamed. I won another nice one with 36s(!) when I turned two pair. I finally won my way back into the black, even going ahead $20 before overplaying crazy 88 and leaving the table up $8. Not the kind of victory you hope for, but after being stuck for $150 I felt like I had slayed a dragon.


Chris Halverson said...

I don't think it would probably be called dead. He didn't do anything with the cards, he just messed up the pot. That's easily fixed by a competent dealer. Oh wait, that doesn't sound like it's applicable there :)

The guy was an idiot and should NOT have been allowed to rathole all that money. The floor should have enforced that.

Good job on working your way back up!

Felicia :) said...

No, his hand isn't dead, the dealer just has to count down the pot. It was a stupid, rookie mistake, but he shouldn't be punished for being a newbie/fish.

The ratholing guy, however, is a totally different story. You have to keep pushing the floor on that one, every time you see him take money off the table. If they are apathetic, start screaming "rat" and threaten to go to the casino manager, call gaming commission to come over, etc.

That will put a stop to the apathy right there.

DuggleBogey said...

Same fricking guy...

Felicia :) said...

Sorry. My blood sugar has been awful. I had to read the post 3x just to get it, lol.

Still, his hand isn't dead, even if he is the creep of the universe. You can get him on many other violations, though, if I'm hearing you correctly.