Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Who am I?

With the addition of my third party skin, I had to choose a new name. I chose GoBeRude, because it is the name of my blog. So I think I will do what a lot of bloggers do and put their screen names at the various sites they play on their blog templates. Some bloggers don't do this, like Stripper, for example. She doesn't because she is afraid someone might actually see her play and see what a fraud she really is.

I have accounts at the following sites with the following names.

Party Poker: OklahomaDug
The Gaming Club: OklahomaDug
Royal Vegas: OklahomaDug
Aztec Riches: OklahomaDug
Pacific Poker: DuggleBo
Absolute Poker: DuggleBogey
Intertops Poker: DuggleBogey
PokerNow: GoBeRude

I post on both 2+2 and PSO forums as DuggleBogey

I will figure out a decent format and add that info to the sidebars.


I was wandering through the cafeteria at work and there was a Good Morning America story on about rollover accidents in SUVs involving new drivers. The interesting part of the story I heard was this:

The part of the brain that evaluates risk isn't fully developed in people until they reach 25 years old. Until that point, teens and young adults cannot determine unreasonable risk.
Does that explain a lot of the calls you see on Party Poker or what?


I'm looking forward to playing in the WPBT tourney tonight on Poker Stars. I haven't signed up yet, I still need to deposit money in my Stars account. Last time I played in the tournament was the last time I played at Stars, and I started an interesting trend I hope to continue tonight.

Originally I bought in for more than the tournament required. I didn't know how much the vig was and I wanted to be able to withdraw any money without having to deposit more, so I overshot the buy in by $50, in case they have a withdrawl limit. When I missed the amount I decided I would try to win the difference. I ended up winning not only the difference, but enough to buy into the tourney. Freeroll! Woohoo!

It started a trend. When I signed up for the PSO poker league at Absolute Poker, every time before the league started I would play in a $.25/$.50 NL room to kill time until the tourney started. Every week I won enough to buy my way into the league game. The entire 5 week league was a freeroll for me. Especially since I took second in one event and won around $70+ PSO prizes.

So it will be interesting to see if I can win my buyin to the WPBT tournament before it starts. Just to see if I can keep the trend going.

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How do I get a rake rebate?