Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Every Blog Has It's Day

First a message for all the perverts who find my blog by searching for Shana Hiatt, or Shanna Hyatt, or Shawna Hyitt, or however else you can misspell that name that makes up for 70% of the searches that hit this blog.

From Richard Brodie's Site (along with his link to Amazon)

Now available on DVD: The original Shana Hiatt nude video "Playboy Presents the girls of Hawaiian Tropic." Shana Hiatt made this when she was barely legal and made the cover of Playboy for her work on it.

Warning: the Shana Hiatt segment is about as explicit as soft-core porn gets.

No links or way for me to make money off your desire to see Shana in all her glory, just a public service for all the pervs out there. And you know who you are.

How I read blogs

I used to read blogs by storing them in my favorites in Microsoft Internet Explorer in a folder called "Blogs." Not creative, but effective. I read ten or twelve, so it wasn't a big deal keeping track of them. I'd just open each one, one at a time, and read it. If it began sounding familiar or the date looked too old, I'd move on to the next one. This wasn't every day reading, just when I got bored with forums or whatever else I was reading.

One folder called "Blogs" held the ones I checked every day, another called "Blogs 2" (I know, very creative) held the ones I checked maybe once a week.

From there I switched to Mozilla Firefox. The only real difference there was you could open every page in the folder by clicking on "Open In Tabs." So I would open all the pages in tabs, and click off the tabs one by one as I read them or saw that they were old.

This started to get cumbersome. I like reading blogs in their native format, but would love it if they were aggregated into one big page for me to read.

Enter BlogLines. I don't even know where I heard of Bloglines, but I embraced it right away. I started adding blogs to Bloglines, until I got to where I am now, with around 40 blogs to read. Few of them are posted in every day, and it keeps track of who has new posts for you, so you don't spend all your time trying to figure out if you read this post before.

The problem with Bloglines is, on half the blogs I read Bloglines just gives me the first paragraph. So I have to open the blog and read it in it's native page. Which is nice sometimes, especially if there is some formatting or pictures that blogger doesn't pick up. But it beats checking each and every one every day to see if something is new, not including the ones I would check multiple times every day.

Every blog from "Blogs" got into Bloglines, but very few from "Blogs 2" made the cut.

I went through "Blogs 2" today and most of them have languished, but all of them are really complete crap. Most of them have a months old post that says "I know I haven't posted in a while, but I promise to start posting three times a week from now on..." and then nothing. Others have turned into linkfests where the blogger, who assumes he once had an audience, has put up a bunch of ads for rip-off sites, hoping to make a buck. How sad.

Is this how all blogs die?


Maudie said...

When you subscribe to a blog in Bloglines be sure to select "Complete Entries" in the "Display" drop-down box. That will work for most blogs, but not all.

Chris Halverson said...

The problem with Bloglines is, on half the blogs I read Bloglines just gives me the first paragraph.

This isn't their fault, it's the fault of the doorknobs that make it just put the "excerpt" of the post in the RSS feed. Pisses me off too, so the excerpt better be interesting otherwise I don't bother.

DuggleBogey said...

Excellent info, thanks!