Sunday, July 03, 2005

Poker Vacation

Now that I've recently finished my "Poker Vacation" which was nothing but eating, sleeping and mostly POKER, I am now taking a Vacation FROM poker.

Maybe not intentionally, but I haven't played a hand of poker in over a week, not since playing the incredibly juicy $2-6 Spread game at the Excal.

I almost moved some money from Neteller into a poker room and started another PSO promotion (PSO just added Noble Poker and Poker Rewards [a prima room, very juicy] to their eligible promotions, and I still haven't done anything with their UB promotion) but I am going to Jacksonville Florida for two weeks and I doubt I would get much playing time in. Since there is a time limit to these promotions, usually 60 days, I didn't want to cost myself two weeks of possible qualifying hand requirements time. Plus I don't know how things will be at work when I get back.

Of course I could have just thrown some money back into Party or Absolute and gotten some ring game or SNG action in. But whenever I thought about it, I found someone on IM or KingLucky would tell me about a tournament and I would sweat them instead. It's slightly less maddening to watch someone else get knocked out of a big multi when a donkey calls with Q3o. It's almost comforting to see that it happens to other people, until you start thinking that you're not only a sufferer, but a carrier of the "bad luck" virus.

I'm not sure what form the blog will take in the next two weeks while I'm out of town. Hopefully I will be able to come up with something creative for the comic and at least keep that going.

Maybe I will venture to one of the Jacksonville dog tracks that I hear spreads Hold Em games now. I'm not sure what limits they spread, I've heard they are restricted by law to only micro limit games, but I'm bringing my sunglasses just in case!


Heafy said...

I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts on Poker Rewards - I was looking at the PSO bonus there to but don't know if it was worth chasing. Let me know what you think of the site and how easy/hard the bonus is to clear.

GaryC said...

Me too. I just started the Paradise bonus through PSO last night, but I was thinking real hard about Poker Rewards.

Let me know what you think about it. It is a Prima site, isn't it?


DuggleBogey said...

Poker Rewards is another Prima site, and I did three other Prima promotions at PSO. All three were ridiculously easy. I did Aztec Riches first, The Gaming Club Poker second and Royal Vegas as an FFP that eventually got cancelled.

If they are as easy as the other Prima sites, it should be a breeze. They seemed to be full of crazy scandanavians who wanted to play every hand a la Gus.

GaryC said...

Thanks DB,
I think I will be trying the Poker Rewards bonus as soon as I finish up at Paradise.