Sunday, July 17, 2005

What is your favorite poker room?

Someone on the PSO Forum asked what your favorite online poker room is, and there were many answers, most of them stupid. I put a little thought into it, and I came up with this stupid response of my own.

I don't have a favorite, because they all suck.

Paradise is cool because of the way the players disappear in a cloud of smoke when you eliminate them from tournaments.

Party Poker will always have the most fish, but more fish equals more suckouts, so Party will always be suckout central. Party Poker's table selection will never be equalled until some other site generates 70 thousand users at one site.

Pacific is the only place that rivals Party with sheer ineptitude of fish. It is still astounding to me how easy it is to haul money out of that place.

Absolute has the best bonus/rakeback program on the internet. The software is the software. Everyone hates it at first and then gets accustomed to it. Eventually good players grow to like it, not because of it really, but because they can be a break even player and still make lots of money at Absolute.

Bodog and PokerRoom have really slick software packages. Those are the "coolest" places to play.

Full Tilt is fun because you can gawk at the celebrities. If they only had games going....

Prima rooms are great moneymakers...european fish tastes slightly different, doesn't it?


Mourn said...

Stars is probably my favorite because it has a little bit of what is good about all of the sites, even though it's probably not the best at anything, except maybe customer support.

Otherwise, good software, the fish are there, albiet harder to find, lots of tournaments, good hand history support and occasional bonuses.

GaryC said...

I have to vote for Ultimate Bet. This was the first site I ever played on for real money and still my favorite.
Like Stars, the fish can be hard to locate at times, but like all the sites, IMO, the fish are plentiful. I also like UB's software and support.

Good time railbirding you the other night in the freeroll. I went out around 81 cause I'm a donkey in fish's clothing.

I noticed you're in Edmond? Let me know when you want to go to Lucky Star.


Drizztdj said...

Stars for software + the plentiful low limit tournies.

Party and BoDog for the fishies.

Absolute for the bonuses.