Saturday, July 16, 2005

Poker Vacation - TOTAL

Well, it was a nearly TOTAL poker vacation after all. I didn't play one hand in anger while I was away. I never got to a Jacksonville Poker Room. I was struggling against a cold the entire time I was there. It began to clear up just as I was leaving.

I did teach my in-laws how to play. My rewared was when my father-in-law cracked my pocket aces with his pocket deuces. Whee!

Amazingly, I got TWO separate offers for advertisements on this here blog! Who would want to advertise on this silly thing?

I was actually THINKING about trying to avoid the WSOP Main Event results (would be quite a challenge with all the blog reading I do) when I saw a WSOP Highlight (!) on ESPN Sportscenter that showed the winner. Ain't that something? Poker Highlights on a sports show. What a world.

My in-laws have digital cable. Every channel in existance, except for Travel Channel, apparently. But a search for keword "Poker" produced almost ROUND THE CLOCK results. I didn't play any poker, but I watched A TON. The Ultimate Poker Challenge is hilarious. Ordinary people playing poker. BADLY. It should be called "How to make poker the LEAST compelling thing on a sports channel." I thought these people had to win a tournament to get on TV? It looked like they pulled some of them off the street and told them what beats what. Ridiculous.

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