Friday, July 22, 2005

Okie-Vegas day, baby!

To those participating in Okie-Vegas - I have decided on the INCREDIBLY Cobalt Blue Hawaiian shirt...It's so gaudy I'm suprised you can't see it from where you are right now. The black hat is a dead giveaway, but I also have on blue jeans and blue suede shoes....Thankyouverymuch...

My costume is completed by my copper/brown shades, Sony wraparound headphones attached to my Rio Carbon Pearl MP3 player, and a Ten Dollar .999 Solid Silver Gaming Token from the Mirage casino with the likeness of Danny Gans on it for my card protector.

Just look for the guy dressed like a total poker tool.

Women in Poker

I've commented on a lot of blogs, especially Maudie's, that women's tournaments are a sham and an insult.

I don't have too much more to say about the subject that hasn't been eloquently stated by folks like Fred.

But here's the bottom line.

Folks that think women need their own tournament are saying that they honestly feel that women aren't as intelligent as men. That being born female is akin to being born with a learning disability.

Anyone that thinks that women are disadvantaged against men in a contest that pits absolutely NO OTHER ABILITY besides intelligence and creativity is saying EXACTLY that.

They are prejudiced. They are sexist. They are bigots. They deserve no more of our attention.

Being Recognized

I actually got recognized while playing at Poker Rewards. I was playing through my Poker Source Online bonus when someone at the table said "Only 490 more hands to complete my promotion."

I asked in chat "PSO" and he said "No".

I thought that was the end of it, but FOUR other people at the table said "I'm doing the PSO promotion." I told them I was DuggleBogey (my alias at Prima Sites is OklahomaDug) and three of them admitted to being blog readers.

One of them thought I also posted at the PSO forums as DLK9S. I figured out why he thought that. DLK9S has a quote from me in his signature that says "Min Raises Make The Baby Jesus Cry" and then has my name after it. So apparently this guy, and possibly some other folks, think I post there as DuggleBogey when I want to start trouble, and post as DLK9S when I want to post as a moderator.

It's such a good idea I wish it were true! I met DLK9S when I was in Vegas, and he's a really good guy. He did a fantastic job covering the WSOP for Poker News Daily and I was extremely jealous of him and his work.

Poker Rewards

Speaking of Poker Rewards, anyone that wants to join but doesn't want to go through Poker Source Online should consider joining to play in Heafy's tournament, called "Heafy's Honeymoon Classic".

It's a $20+2 tournament for bloggers and readers. He's not making any money on the tournament, but people can sign up as new players over at Poker Rewards using Heafy's Affiliate code and he will freeroll you into the tournament. Go to his blog at Poker on Film and get the details.


GaryC said...

Congrats on being called out at the table. That's cool. I just finished the Paradise bonus and am leaning toward Poker Rewards for the next one. Do they have enough players?

Tonight:I'll have shorts, sandals and a navy blue polo type shirt and my navy blue Nike cap on. Of course, the mullet will be flowing out the back, but from what Maudie says, that may not distinguish me much from the regular crowd down there. I'll be there about 5:15/5:30.

Looking forward to it.\


Maudie said...

Well, as long as we're doing the model-strut down the fashion ramp - I will be sporting genuine (not fake, not imitation, not factory made)hand-made couture in one Hawaiian "OU Sooners" Aloha shirt. I may break out my "USA Poker Team" hat in honor of the occasion... see you there!

Heafy said...

Thanks for the pimp Duggle, much appreciated

dlk9s said...

You know, I realized I haven't read your blog since I got back from Vegas. And to see that I have been mentioned a couple times, well...I'm flattered.

I got recognized on PokerRewards the other day, too. A guy asked, "Hey dlk, are you the guy from PSO?"

I think PSO owns that place. I got seated one time in between d-onion (another PSO mod) and Heraldmk, a loyal customer.

Hell, my brother and I even got seated at the same table in a tourney (granted, it was a 3-table, 15-player S&G, so it wasn't THAT strange, but still...and yes, that's a weird S&G setup).