Monday, July 18, 2005

Notice to Okie Vegas-ers!

I will be playing at the Thunderbird Wild Wild West Casino this Friday!

I will be playing either $4/$8 Limit or NL (depending mostly on what I see at the NL tables.)

From what Maudie says there's been some changes to the ol Poker Room at the T-Bird, one being that you can now smoke at the tables. This sounds good to me. I'm not a big smoker, but I do occasionally like to smoke one after taking a bad beat. Like King Lucky says "I need a smoke after that sex."

Reminds me of one of my favorite jokes.

Lady to man: "Do you smoke after sex?"
Man: "I dunno, I never looked."

Speaking of KingLucky, he has been very active in the Online Pokering while I was out of town. After winning a satellite to the $350K guarantee tournament at Party Poker, they cancelled the tournament. He wanted his buy in refunded as he will be out of town when they re-scheduled the tournament. They would only give him a free entry into another tournament. I think the bulk of the confusion came from the fact that they thought he won a freeroll satellite, when he actually bought into the satellite. They finally gave him the $215 entry, but sufficiently pissed him off so that he withdrew every dime and went elsewhere.

Elsewhere was Paradise Poker. He was playing Sit N Go's there when he accidentally picked at $15+1 that was a satellite. He didn't even know it was a winner take all until he won the thing and the win banner said "Congratulations, you win an entry into a $150 tournament." So he plays the $150 tournament and takes 2nd place, netting $2900+...not bad for a tournament he never intended to play in the first place. He was so jazzed he went to the Casino and won another $1000.

I need more accidents like that.


Maudie said...

Sorry to bust your smoke-ring but you still can't smoke at the tables. The room was moved to where the bar is and you can smoke at the bar. But there's certainly enough second hand smoke now to sustain you between (coff) cigs.

They also started 1/2 NL $100 max buy-in tables last week. Maybe I'll see you at a 4/8 friday - this time SAY HELLO dammit (not sure I remember what you look like.

GaryC said...

Okie-Vegas baby, I'm in for this Friday night. What time do we kick this thing off?

Not sure which game I will play, probably 3-6 if they have it, if not then it will have to be 4-8.

Looking forward to meeting both of you.

By the way, tell King Lucky congrats, that's a huge win.


DuggleBogey said...


Thanks for the info about the smoking and the $100NL game. That is exactly what I am looking for.

I will definitely be wearing my hat, so you will be able to find me easily. Plus my sunglasses of course. I get off work at 3pm, so I will try to get there and start playing by 3:30 or 4.

Maudie said...

Ok I'll look for the hat.

Gary - there's plenty of 3/6 - it's the 4/8 that's hard to get a table for. The 4/8 is better rake-wise. Look for me around 5:30 - 6:00.