Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Thinking About Fuh-Lee-See-Uh

DLK9S: Did the FEDEX guy wake you up when he rang the doorbell?
No, I've been up for half an hour, looking for the monkey that took a shit in my mouth...
Me in Vegas

Everyone send good thoughts to Felicia today.

I only got to talk to her for a little while when I was at the WSOP before I was urgently called away to a NL game, and she was really stressed out because Charlie had just died and she was trying to get ahold of people to tell them.

But this is my overall impression of Felicia. She worries a LOT more about other people's feelings than she does her own. The last thing in the world she'd want is sympathy, so I'm sending her empathy. Feel better. We all love you.

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