Monday, January 09, 2006


I hope like hell I can play in this.

You see, my second shift guy hurt his back. The only guy I have that can cover for either one of us has to work first shift because moving him to second shift would cause a huge series of dominos to fall that would eventually cause the universe to unravel.

I am working second shift (until 1am) tonight and tomorrow. He HOPES his back will be better by Wednesday, but if not I may have to work instead of play.

The interesting question is why do I even care about a job that goes bye-bye in a month anyhow? I could just tell them I'm not working second shift and that it's not my problem. But I'm not that guy.

But the good news is that it is ACTUALLY RAINING at my house! WooHoo! The Oklahoma Wildfires actually came within 2 miles of my house on Saturday, when I was supposed to meet with Maudie and GaryC at the Newcastle Gaming Center. Lucky for me there are some VERY EXPENSIVE houses in that two miles, so the fire fighters were VERY active in getting the fires doused. Gary called and told me about his party and I decided to stay home in case the fires got any closer. This meant totally blowing off Maudie, which was rude. In that Maudie way, she has already forgiven me.

Thanks Maudie!


TripJax said...

Hope to see you there Duggle. Either way, thanks for pimping it.

Maudie said...

Was glad to see the snow on the ground this morning - but not glad for the winter cold - I was getting spoiled by the 70 degree weather..