Tuesday, January 24, 2006


The Good Folks over at PokerComix.com posted one of my poker comics and put some nice links to this site. They even pimped Instant Bankroll for me!

I love their tagline that says "...where actual artistic ability is purely optional." This could not be more true in my case.

A critic of my comics once said they are not funny. If you don't play poker I'd totally agree, they're not funny at all! Well, the sound of the jokes "wooshing" as they fly over your ignorant skull might be slightly humorous. The comics are for poker players. If you don't play poker, I doubt you'll enjoy them. Imagine a tribe of African Pygmies reading Dilbert. "Click-Pop...Oh that Wally...Pop-Smack."

He also said the art sucks. Maybe he didn't notice that IT'S THE SAME PICTURE EVERY TIME, I JUST CHANGE THE WORDS. Just when you think you've encountered the dumbest person on earth, someone comes along and proves you wrong.

I drew the picture of "Fish" and "ParPo" (yes, they actually have names!) in about 5 minutes using Microsoft Paint over a year ago. At one point my hard drive crashed and I lost the bitmap image I was using, so I just used the compressed jpeg from that point on. A bad, hastily drawn picture gets even worse! But it's not really about the drawing. I wanted people to think it's two guys talking at a poker table, and I think it does that okay. I could remake the picture, but it has a certain amount of sentimental value to me now.

People love the comic. I track when someone links to my site, and whenever someone links to my comics they almost always say nice things. I especially appreciate it when they link it, and then talk about why they think it is funny and what situation in their own lives it made them think about. I know they aren't all winners, even reading back throught them sometimes I wince and think "Wow, I really had nothing that time." Once in a while though, I think it's pretty damn funny, even if I do say so myself.

I know for a fact that poker comic has made people laugh, and if the ones I know about are the ONLY times it's happened, it's still enough to make the whole thing worthwhile.


Drizztdj said...

Some people need instructions on how to breathe.

Excellent work Duggle, please keep it up :)

mcSey said...

I do think your comics are usually funny, but I never noticed the artwork was always the same.

Could I get that guide to breathing please?