Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I don't get it

I guess I grew up very sheltered. I was at least 13 or 14 years old before I met my very first redneck.

I grew up in a Washington DC suburb, and it was a pretty racially diverse area. My block had some white people, black people, latin people and jewish people. There was even a samoan family. Nobody was really native to the area though. They were all transplanted from somewhere else.

When I had my first "redneck" experience, I was at a friend's house, to watch music videos, play video games or maybe Dungeons and Dragons. (Yeah, I played. So what?) My friend certainly wasn't a redneck. I remember he had feathered hair and liked to wear skinny ties. Very NOT redneck attire. His brothers however, had the redneck uniform. Plaid flannel shirts, sleeves torn off.

What I didn't understand about these rednecks was that they kept calling people jewish. I could tell they were trying to be insulting, because it usually came out as "You fucking jew," or "at least I'm not a fucking jew." I knew some jewish people and the only difference I noticed was that they went to temple on Saturday instead of church on Sunday. Other than that, they seemed like everyone else to me. So the insult went right over my head. What the hell is so wrong with being jewish, or in their words "A fucking jew?" Of course there isn't, it's just a display of ignorance from the insulter. I was 14, I wasn't a "fucking" anything. These dumb rednecks didn't even know what a jew was, and I'm not positive they even knew what fucking was, so their insults were completely out of context. I'm sure they heard it from their redneck friends, and they sure didn't want to be one, whatever it was.

This is kind of how I feel about constantly being called "gay" by someone recently. I may or may not be gay, but I don't get why it is an insult to be called "gay," especially by someone who has absolutely no clue what your sexual preferences is. Actually, I think this guy is too stupid to know what HIS sexual preference is! How is this an insult to me, when I don't really think it's a bad thing to be gay, or jewish for that matter? All he's doing is showing his small minded ignorance by assuming I'd be insulted by being acccused of being gay.

To me, it's as if he was trying to convince everyone I was from Mars. "He's a Martian, everybody!" He wouldn't know a Martian if one nibbled on his nutsack, but someone once accused him of being one, and he knew it was a BAD thing to be one.

I already said I'd be willing to add some gay porn to this website if that's what people were looking for, and you never know, for the right affilliate deal, I might choke down a few cocksickles. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get ahead in this world. Pun intended.


dlk9s said...

Your ignorance comment hit it right on the head.

While I will always be offended if someone calls me a "fucking Jew" or something like that, a large part of the reason why is because they have no idea what they are talking about. If they actually had a real reason to hate me because I'm Jewish (say...a band of rogue, crackhead rabbis raped his cat once), then fine, I could sort of understand. I mean, I hate Chicken McNuggets (specifically the ones from McDonalds), because I puked once after eating them when I was a kid. I don't say "fucking chicken tenders" because something is a piece of chicken, battered, and fried - that would be wrong. I specifically hate the McNug for a reason.

But still, spewing hate, reason or not, is wrong and should never be tolerated.

Wow - that didn't make ANY sense.

Your blog entry reminded me of a discussion the Regular Guys (morning shock-jock-type guys in Atlanta) had on the radio one day. One of them is Jewish, one is German, so of course, that's a running joke. They were trying to figure out if it's possible to say the word "Jew" without it sounding hateful. "Jewish" is easy, but "Jew" is tough. Try it. It was some funny shit. And I'm Jewish, so I'm allowed to laugh.

DuggleBogey said...

I have always been uncomfortable with the word "jew," and even though I never thought about it, those guys are probably the reason. I've always used the phrase "jewish person" instead of "jew" even though I never specifically knew whether the word is offensive or not.

dlk9s said...

It's not offensive in and of itself, since it is just a noun, but the way anti-semites and other ignorant people have used it over time has given it a very negative connotation.

And if anyone uses "Jew" as a verb, well, they'll get a kick in the face.