Monday, January 30, 2006

Possible Landing Spot Identified

After a very encouraging second interview with the folks in Austin, it is looking more and more like the spot I will end up with. One of the interviewers was someone who worked in the same environment that I am currently in, so we sort of spoke the same "language." That is always nice, being more certain that you are being understood when you talk about specific technical processes. You also have the benefit of his endorsement if you consider that "he came from where I am" and if he values his own experience, he should value mine too. I guess. Hopefully he didn't work with a bunch of idiots. Based on my experience with this company, my chances are about 50-50.

I kind of feel like Antony's audience in Julius Caesar. The last one to speak has the best chance to sway my opinion. After the Lansing interview, it seemed like that was going to be my best opportunity. Since then, Austin has had two interviews and they make a very compelling argument. The extra money they are offering certainly does a lot to strengthen their position.

But still, there is no offer from Austin, although I expect one shortly. If not by Wednesday it will be considerably longer as the decision maker will be in China. Again we wait with baited breath. Here in Oklahoma, that's what you have after eating Sushi.

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