Thursday, January 26, 2006

Go Ahead, It's A Free Country

A while ago I was visiting some former coworkers and someone said "Go ahead, it's a free country." Another person said "What? When did we move to Amsterdam?"

But this is a free country. Unless you want to play poker outside an Indian Reservation. Unless you want to smoke a joint. Unless you want to smoke a cigarette indoors. Unless you want to buy a handgun today. Unless you want to buy pornography. Unless you want to marry someone of your same gender. Unless you want to buy alcohol on Sunday. And coming soon, unless you want to get an Abortion.

There is no question that the current administration is attempting to lay seige on the current freedom of a woman to have an abortion in this country. And I CANNOT WAIT for this to happen.

Frankly, I don't have a dog in this fight. I don't need, nor do I forsee a need for an abortion in my future. But what I do see a need for in my future is ENTERTAINMENT. And it will be endlessly fascinating to me when this country attempts to outlaw abortions.

Abortions aren't the kind of thing a person needs everyday. So if you're wealthy enough, the ban won't really affect you, because you can always fly to Canada or Europe to have your abortions. So basically, this is just a restriction on the poor.

The poor have always been a great weapon in the world of politics. Nobody has a use for them otherwise, but boy-oh-boy are they fun to use as a political tactic.

This should be a GOOD one.

My biggest fear is the suspicion that the right-wing nut-jobs will never come through on their promise to outlaw abortions. It has always been a tool for them to motivate their voters to come out to the polls. If they actually DID what they've been promising to do for decades, they would lose that tool. I guess there's alway's the irrational fear of gay marriages to motivate their morons, but they might not want to give up this horse the've been riding for so long.


WillWonka said...

Yes, we have it sooo bad here in this country... I feel so oppressed.

DuggleBogey said...

I don't remember saying we have it bad in this country...All I remember saying is that we're not as free as we could, AND SHOULD be.

There's just too many motherfuckers out there that want to pass laws telling other people what NOT to do based on their fucked up morality.

WillWonka said...

OK... we'll agree to disagree because in my humble opinion..

Morality... Good
Immorality... Bad

DuggleBogey said...


Fucked up Morality...Bad

Either way:

Morality...totally different thing to different people.

leathej1 said...

Not directed toward anyone in particular, but I'd like to offer up a general rule of thumb:

If you are able to reduce an argument to two choices, you are on the wrong track.

Examples include:

~Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice
~Democrate vs. Republican
~Strict interpretation of scripture vs. you are going to hell

In other words, (and I quote myself here) "Fundamentalism, in any form, is a very bad thing".

Or let me put this another way:

"The true underlying nature of evil is the active portrayal of a singular perspective, to the exclusion of all other perspectives."

I encourage you to not agree with me, but just think about that. Better yet, just watch for it.