Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Freerolls are funny

Monday was an interesting day. Just after mangling my blog in the name of peace, I registered for a freeroll at And then I immediately forgot about it. The freerolls at PokerRoom are pretty dubious anyways, because you have to generate enough points to release the money you won. You are essentially trying to win a bonus.

Anyway, I register for the freeroll because it opens for registration in the next 30 seconds, and the max of 2400 is filled in a matter of seconds, even though the tournament doesn't begin for 90 minutes. I don't see any other tournaments that tickle my fancy (and I refuse to play poker without having my fancy tickled.) So I go to my garage and start cutting up cardboard boxes for the trash. There has been a burn ban for so long in Oklahoma that I have built up quite a collection of cardboard boxes and they are beginning to take of my garage. (Recycling is evil, you heard it here first.)

Whilst taking great pleasure is razor blading the cardboard up into managabe pieces, my wife comes home and I invite her out to lunch. We head out to one of her favorite restaurants and enjoy a nice meal when I realize that I was missing my tournament! Oh dear. When we arrive back at home I check out my status. I'm still in it, but I'm under the gun with 210 chips, and the big blind is 200. I quickly go all in with my 45o and flop a five, river another and quadruple up. Three hands later I get AK and triple up. Whee!

A freeroll table coach (the WORST kind of table coach) informs me that I am a joke and that I won't be around for long. I promptly double up off him with Kings. Before long I am around the tournament average, with only 200 of the original 2400 left.

I say bye-bye to the table coach when he plays some godawful hand in a stupid situation. Of course I rub it in. Whee again!

KingLucky calls and I'm in the middle of the "miracle freeroll comeback" story when the phone cuts out. It goes through my mind...if the phone's not working, and my phone service is provided by my cable company then my cable modem might be dead too! I look at the screen and the showdown between AA and 99 is frozen in time. Crap!

I call from my cell phone and the cable company is aware of the outage. The great thing about having phone service through the cable company is that they have to restore your cable with the same haste that the phone company is responsible for restoring that public utility to service. An hour later my cable comes back and I was knocked out in 130th place with 70 still playing. "Money" started at 40.

Good thing it was a freeroll!


Heafy said...

"Recycling is evil, you heard it here first"

Penn and Teller's show "Bullshit" had an episode about this, and they agree with you.

DuggleBogey said...

You heard it here second then!