Friday, January 27, 2006

Vegas for the WSOP

I want to go to Las Vegas during the WSOP again this year. Last year KingLucky and I went and it was a lot of fun.

My "situation" makes that a difficult thing to plan in advance. We do have tenative plans for the first week in July.

Right now I am looking at two very distinct "situational" possibilities.

Plan #1 involves me staying with my current company and transferring to Lansing, Mi. If that happens, I will have plenty of vacation time, and probably plenty of frequent flyer miles to make the trip. My bankroll is in good enough shape to make the trip as fun as last year.

Plan #2 involves me leaving my current company and moving myself to Austin, Tx. This is actually the preferrable option because it involves a considerable increase in pay. Very considerable. Considerable enough that it wipes out all the frequent flyer and bankroll issues totally. The problem is that I won't have enough vacation time to go the first week in July. Based on their "vacation generation" schedule (it's one of those places where you get x number of vacation minutes based on x number of hours worked.) I will be short about half a day, even with the Independence Day holiday.

I already have Job #1 in my hands. I'm even doing work for them remotely already. Job #2 isn't a done deal. I had a phone interview last Friday that I didn't think went well but they called on Tuesday and said they want to have a second phone interview. After the first interview I felt like my decision was going to be made for me, but now it looks like everything is still up in the air.

If Job #2 comes through, I hope I can work something out with them that my Vegas trip can happen. If I can't work anything out, I may have to figure something else out because Job #2 is too good to turn down. But if Job #2 doesn't come through at all, Vegas is a done deal baby.


leathej1 said...

You don't need huge amounts of paid vacation time, if you are being paid well enough!

April said...

There is that, true.

But, should the Austin offer come in (which I hope it does, cause we'd love to have you and more money is always a good thing) you can always do what I'll likely be doing - flying in on Friday and out on Sunday. Maybe Monday morning if I can swing it. Short trip, but better than nothing.

dlk9s said...

Knowing you'd be a half day short if you get Job #2, could you just work more in advance to bank that extra vacation time, or do things not work that way>