Thursday, April 20, 2006

Cleaning Up and Getting Even

Sorry for the long and pointless post yesterday....while it may have looked like I was just pimping the Poker Comic archives, I was actually trying to clean up my template a little bit. Listing every comic in the right hand column was getting to be annoying because it was so long and having to update every page in the blog every week was getting time prohibitive. You know that part when you republish and it says "If you have a large blog this may take several minutes..."? They are NOT kidding! Republishing this blog, depending on the connection, can take a good chunk of time.

So I put the archives in a post, which can be updated easily by editing the post, and linked to it in the archive spot. The "click here" part looks retarded, I know. I need to come up with something better, I just wasn't in the creative mood. Also, every time I edit the archives post I guess it will show up in bloglines, which will get annoying for those folks that read through there. Is there a way to stop that?

Getting Even

I finally got even with Veneno yesterday when I talked her into another heads-up battle. She maintained her overall record because I missed the first game. I tried to jump into the heads-up match with her on Poker Stars but my connection in the hotel is just not that zippy and someone else jumped in ahead of me. Very frustrating, but Veneno took care of him. After four hands and a giant pile of profanities from her opponent, our match was on. (I am NOT exaggerating...four hands!) THAT made me feel really confident in MY chances!

But I did manage to even up my record with her in heads-up matches to 4-4. I got down early and she nearly had me out, but I doubled through when I had QQ on a board of QJ2. YoYo held J2 and pushed. That got me slightly ahead and I pushed on from there for the win. YoYo is a very aggressive player and she almost always takes an immediate lead putting constant pressure on her opponent. Most of her opponents tighten up against her and try to trap, but that is exactly what she wants. She eats tight passive opponents for lunch. That's why my favorite nickname for her is YoYo. If you are going to play her well, expect an up and down match where large amounts of chips will go back and forth between you and her.

She has a great solution for all the bloggers that beg her for a link exchange. She tells them that the best way to get a link on her blog is to play her heads-up, which will get you on her heads-up results chart, including a free link. I told her she should add a little white flag next to the bloggers who refuse to play her anymore. And that she should put a little white flag on her side for me, because after my comeback victory she said she didn't want to play ME anymore. But I have a feeling I will be able to talk her into just one more match to break the tie. And just ONE more after that. And just....well...I can be persuasive.

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Veneno said...

Yeah..I will want to play you again! Definitely a challenging match every time. Amazing that someone gets it!

Congrats Duggle...nice win!