Friday, April 21, 2006

First Day of sorts

In many ways, today is my real first day at work. They guy I'm replacing is gone, his last day was yesterday. It is all up to me now. My lifeboat is gone. Sink or swim. The system is mine. It is endlessly complex, and I think that by the time I have it adequately figured out, they will tear it out and replace everything, which should be in less than a year.

The system is incredibly complex for no reason. There are common systems thoughout the company that I am familiar with, yet they have used a local unique solution in every possible place. I sort of know how it works, but the level of complexity is at least 20 times what is necessary. Every problem, every issue, every question will take hours of digging to find out how things really work. And I feel like I'm dealing with a house of cards that will come crashing down if I breathe on it in the wrong place.

I told you the guy I replaced got the job I was trying to get in Austin Tx. When I interviewed for the job I thought it went really well but they suddenly changed the requirements. When I met the guy and he told me he was getting the job, I was amazed because I didn't think anyone would meet the crazy new requirements, but this guy seemed to fit the bill pretty well. Someone speculated in comments that they probably tailored the requirements to meet a specific person they wanted to hire. I thought it was really odd that the requirements changed so drastically, and the skills they wanted were strangely specific, but I didn't want to leap to any conclusions.

Yesterday I found out that the guy that was doing the job search is THE BROTHER of the guy I replaced here that they hired. Uh, yeah. I think he may have had someone specific in mind when he came up with those crazy requirements. I wish if they were pulling shit like that they wouldn't waste everyone else's time and energy and just hire the motherfucker they want to hire. They might have well added that the candidate they are looking for is Turkish and has a stutter. Then this guy is the only one who would have bothered to apply.

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leathej1 said...

Are you saying there is more than one Islamic stutterer using a certain automation package? Small world.