Sunday, April 09, 2006


The Country is infested with Poker Bloggers.

First it was Kansas City. I wasn't even a blogger yet just a lowly forum poster, but I found out about a poker blogger and fellow poster named Life's A Grind who lived in the same town as me. I eventually met him on a Poker Cruise and we had a blast.

When I moved to Oklahoma City and began blogging properly, I met the lovely and talented Maudie from Poker Perspectives. She was as sweet as can be, funny and interesting. Soon after I met GCox25 from Low Limit Grinder, a very cool guy who invited me to several home games and other events. It never worked out that I could attend because my work schedule was so wacky, but he always accepted my refusals with aplomb. The time we did play together was nothing but enjoyable.

On a random trip to Las Vegas, I had the pleasure of running into Pauly and Felicia. While I didn't spend nearly as much time with them as I would have liked, they were very gracious and seemed genuinely pleased to meet me.

Suddenly I was away from Oklahoma City searching for a new job, and I found myself in Lansing Michigan, and even though I was there for only three weeks total, I got invited to a day of poker and ponies with Boy Genius from Random Thoughts and Thoroughbred Selections and THG from Res Ipsa Poker. It didn't work out that I wound up in Lansing, but if I had it made me feel really great that there were some kindred spirits up there.

So here I am in beautiful Tennessee for less than a week, and I have already been welcomed by several folks by email and I hope to meet some of them very soon.

Blogging may be gay, but sometimes it is really fucking cool too.


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I still can't figure out why it is gay?

That is really wonderful.

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My guess is the anal sex, but that's just conjecture...