Monday, April 03, 2006

What time is it?

Sunday at 2am I'm in Lansing Michigan, and Eastern Standard Time changes to Eastern Daylight Time, so the clocks go ahead an hour. Six hours later I head for the Airport and back to Oklahoma City via Detroit, where I set the clock right back again to Central Daylight time.

Thirteen hours after my flight lands I go back to the airport to jet to Nashville via Dallas. What the hell time is it here? Same as OKC, apparently, but none of the clocks at the hotel have been reset yet. I literally have to stare at a clock for a bit just to try and figure out what time it is where. Especially when talking to someone on Pacific time.

On my first trip to Lansing I missed my XM Radio so much I brought my Roady2 with me on the second trip. This time it's built into the rental car, a Chevy Impala. It's about time I started rending GM cars to drive to GM plants. Last two were both Nissans, and I took some crap for it.

For anyone travelling via the OKC airport (Hey, I thought of another airport that has the same name as a guy who died in a plane wasn't named after JFK Jr., but hey...) if you're in a hurry and you can't wait in the line for security, just go into the bathroom right next to the security station on the right side. When you come out, just walk to the right and you'll be directed down a hallway to the additional security stations. Just a little travel tip from a suddenly frequent flyer.

American Airlines this time....the Poker Players' choice. AA, the only way to fly. My goal is to have just enough frequent flyer miles on each airline so that I'll never actually get anything for free. So far I have a round trip and a half on united, Half a trip on Northwest Air, and half a trip on American. Plus a cancelled reservation on Delta. If I work it just right, I can do the same deal with hotel stays. The only thing I've done consistently is car rentals, and I didn't join their club for the $50 fee. I think I would have made the $50 back in free stuff by now too.

The Dallas Airport is really nice. Cool tram between terminals, and when I got off the plane I was thirsty and I spied a Pepsi Machine. No Diet Mountain Dew, but 20oz bottles were only a buck. In an airport! I couldn't resist and I was parched, so I got a diet pepsi. Every single machine I saw after that had Diet Dew in it.

All the TVs in the Dallas airport were tuned to Headline News. When a news report came on about a study about how poorly customer satisfaction was with airlines these days, the channel suddenly changed to CNN. Unfortunately for them the same story came on CNN ten minutes later.

I had some time in Dallas so I checked out the duty free. They had liter bottles of SoCo for $17. If I had any way to get it on the plane, I would have bought one and drank it here in Nashville.

The idea of SoCo brings me back to my first attempt to attend college. I was old enough to buy beer (That kinda gives away my age. I got ID'd for cigarettes once, and I replied "Back when I was too young to buy cigarettes, there was no age limit for cigarettes!" ) but I had a fake ID from D.C. that said I was 21, so I could by hard liquor. I was "the source" at my dorm in South Dakota, where it was against state law to have alcohol on campus. I'm pretty sure I made "double secret dormitory probation" before I dropped out. This will make Al cringe fo sure...I liked to drink SoCo and Mountain Dew. Hey, it can't be any worse than "SoCo Lime" that is all the rage now. Plus you can do some extreme skateboarding whilst drunk off your ass.



Human Head said...

It's a silly thing to be blown away by, I know, but I am completely blown away by the airport soda for only $1.

I have never seen such a thing. It must have been fantastic.

DuggleBogey said...

I agree...I was seriously expecting some kind of miniature 6oz bottle to drop out or something.

Price of 20oz Diet Dew in Chicago OHare: $2.19+tax
Detroit Airport: $1.75 (vending machine)
Dallas (DFW): $1 (vending machine) $1.19 from vendors

Saturn Spring Hill Plant: $1.25

DuggleBogey said...

I just noticed that this blog has stopped shilling for Poker Source Online and started pimping Diet Mountain Dew....