Saturday, April 01, 2006

Hurry Up! Wait....Hurry Up!

Yesterday was a wild mess. I had to finish my work here in Lansing, but they need me as soon as possible in Spring Hill. I finally talked to someone there, and they want me fast. So I need to get back to OKC this weekend and fly to Nashville on Monday. I made a flight reservation for OKC for Saturday morning at 6am, but that became more and more unworkable when I missed the Car Rental agency closing and I still had to get my stuff together. Not to mention that the flight would be about an hour from NOW.

I couldn't really go straight to Tennessee from Michigan because I brought jeans and stuff for a construction environment, and I'm sure they're expecting business casual in Spring Hill.

So I changed my flight from Saturday to Sunday. At first I balked because Delta wanted over $1000 to fly on Sunday, but NorthWest will do it for less than my Saturday flight. Go NorthWest Air! Less than $300 for a flight at a more convenient time anyway.

That gives me Saturday to get my crap together here and Sunday to get it together again to head for Tennesse early on Monday. I'm excited about the whole deal.


SirFWALGMan said...

Gl man

iamhoff said...

Good luck, Duggles. Glad the flights worked out. I hear a lot of crap about Northwest, but I've had nothing to make me hate them. Even when I got stranded overnight in Detroit, they hooked me up with booze, food, and a hotel room. Enjoy the new gig.