Saturday, April 22, 2006

How to Generate Traffic to your Blog

Last night I was hanging out in chat with a few well known bloggers, when one of them decided to start a new challenge of playing 100 Heads-up matches for profit (details here.)

I decided to watch one of the heads up matches and the opponent was a huge fucking jerk. He started right off by calling the blogger "fag," "bitch," "jew" and "kike." In other words a very classy individual. It should even be noted that he was winning the match when he started this foul tirade. I decided to "participate" with my usual tilting comments like "Aren't you late for a klan meeting?" or "Is it hard to see the cards through those holes in your white hood?" Also very successful were "why do you keep talking about fags, are you looking for a date?" and "Why all the gay talk, did your boyfriend just break up with you?"

There would have been more except that the blogger wasted very little time in reaming him and ending the game. He took his defeat gracefully, with a spewing of profanities specifically designed to evade the word filters of PokerStars.

I guess I got to the guy, because he searched my name and came here to this blog to leave a lovely thank you note in my comments (since deleted.) Even though it was only three words long, he still managed to squeeze in a grammatical error.

And to the horrible playing guy who left the eloquent comment, I only have one thing to say: Thanks for the traffic!

Update: Traffic indeed! I tracked his IP via searches on StatCounter, and the guy stayed and read every one of my poker comics!


BG said...

Did he call you "Faggle Bogey?" I was especially proud of that one.

iamhoff said...

You realize he's going to start spreading your comics around to whatever freaks he hangs out with online, and pass them off as his own. He might even be clever enough to change the ZeeJustin one to jjProdigy or something. Aren't morons fun to screw with?

C.L. Russo said...

"Faggle Bogey?"

The only person I ever heard use that term was...The Champ.

Is this a confession, BG?

vegaas said...

That was my exact same thought when I read BG's comment. Did he just out himself?